The University and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF) exists to support the network of Christian Unions around the country to share the good news of Jesus with their universities and colleges. The mission of UCCF is to make disciples in the student world, equipping and training students to live for Jesus for the rest of their lives. They provide training for CU members through events such as Forum, an annual nationwide conference that happens just before the start of the academic year. They also host smaller regional training sessions throughout the year.


UCCF staff workers work alongside CUs to support them practically as they seek to give every student an opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel.

At King's our staff worker is Clare Lucas

During her time as a student in London, Clare realised more of how important and wonderful it is to share the gospel with others.

Clare grew up being well acquainted with Christian values, but only became a Christian aged 14. At a summer camp, she learned that nobody is good enough to deserve God’s approval, but that Jesus came to make a way for imperfect people to relate to a perfect God. It was then that she realised what Jesus said had to be true, and that it really mattered.

She moved to London in 2012, where she studied Geography & Economics at LSE. Clare loved every minute of being part of the CU there, particularly discussing people’s big questions about Jesus over a good cup of coffee. Since then she spent a year as a ministry trainee at Christ Church Mayfair, learning more about our great God, and how we can invite others to see Jesus for who he is.

In her spare time she enjoys a good beer, exploring London’s coffee scene, cooking, and watching Wes Anderson films with her husband, Jake.