The King’s Christian Union weekends away are always a highlight of the CU calendar as we experience great teaching in an environment that takes us away from our busy lives in central London. It’s such a great time to build friendships and grow spiritually with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.



The Autumn weekend away is mainly a time to get to know people as the freshers have the opportunity to experience a weekend away with the group for the first time after joining in the September. We can always guarantee that they’ll be lots of food and fun games. We get some great teaching from a speaker who joins us on the weekend and we have time to pray together for the coming year at King’s.



The Summer weekend away is more relaxed as the CU members have built up good friendships after the numerous mission events throughout the academic year. The summer residential, therefore, is a time to come together after the exams period to enjoy fellowship together before the summer holiday. There is still a lot of food and always a lot of fun games; we also have another speaker who joins us as we gain some valuable teaching before dispersing for the summer.

If you would like to join the King’s Christian Union on our next weekend away go to the Get Involved page for more information on meeting the CU!